Friday, September 29, 2006


If your not a TAR reader, this is a pointer to Brian Weatherson's post (march 2006) on (some) recent Big Ideas in philosophy.
The exercise seems both worth doing and worth reading, and it would probably be a good thing if it could be somewhat generalized along author and subject matter variables.

The Margaret Thatcher Illusion (here).

[from Mixing memory via Semantics etc.]

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Recently added to the courseware page :
A nice course in modal logic (syntax, semantics, completness, logic of provability, logic of tense, intuitionist logic) : F. Veltman and Dick de Jongh : Intensional Logics (.pdf, 109p.)
Lambek's classic :JoachimLambek:The mathematics of sentence structure (1958)
And a general introduction to algebra somewhat logically-oriented, with chapters on lattices, on application to model theory etc. : Stanley N. Burris et H.P. Sankappanavar : A course in universal algebra (.pdf, 331p, millenium edition)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Via Philotropes, je découvre le blog d' Alphapsy, et via Alphapsy je découvre The Edge, avec entre autre une mine d'entretiens filmés avec des grands noms des "sciences cognitives" (mais pas seulement).

Monday, September 18, 2006

Links added to the tutorial page :
H.A. Priestley : Ordered sets and complete lattices(.pdf, 75p., 2001)
M. Erné, J. Koslowski, A. Melton and G.E. Strecker : A primer on Galois Connections (.ps, 22p.)
R. Backhouse : Galois connections and fixed point calculus (.pdf, 105p., 2001).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Martin Lob

Martin Löb has died on Monday August 28th 2006 at the age of 85. Obituary by Stan Wainer.

J. Perry

John Perry has several old, recent and fothcoming papers on his homepage.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

to appear

Handbook of Modal Logic

Links recently added to the logic-tutorial page :
G. Sandu : Appendix to Jaakko Hintikka's, the principles of Mathematics Revisited (truth definition in IF-logic, en français)
Melvin Fitting : Notes on mathematical aspects of Kripke's theory of truth
Melvin Fitting : On quantified modal logic(1998, .pdf, 18p)
Melvin Fitting : First-order intensional logic (2003, .pdf, 21p.)
Melvin Fitting : First order intensional logic axiomatized (.pdf, 22p)
Melvin Fitting : Higher-order modal logic - a sketch (.pdf, 17p.)
P. Blackburn and J. Van Benthem : Modal logic : a semantic perspective(.pdf , 75p.)
P. Blackburn and Maarten Marx : Lectures on Hybrid logic
D. Bonnay et M. Cozic :La théorie de la correspondance (50 p. , .pdf, en français)
M. Cozic et P. Egré : Logique des conditionnels (.pdf, 2006, en français)
Samuel Buss : An introduction to proof theory (.pdf, 78p., chap.1 of the Handbook of proof theory)
Samuel Buss : First-order theory of arithmetic(.pdf, 70p., chap.2 of the Handbook of proof theory)
Samuel Buss : Bounded Arithmetic (.pdf, 1986)

There will be free access to all articles published in the Journal of Moral Philosophy from now until 18th October 2006. The main journal website is .

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tarski : On the concept of following logically

A. Tarski : On the concept of following logically (.pdf). Translated (2002) from the Polish and German by Magda Stroiska and David Hitchcock; with English<->Polish glossaries.

John Hawthorne et Herman Cappelen

Mardi 12 septembre à 16 heure, à l'IHPST, John Hawthorne et Herman Cappelen (Oxford Universiy) donneront une conférence intitulée : RELATIVISM AND AGREEMENT
(organisation F. Moltmann)