Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ideal of Proof Seminar

Thursday, January 22nd (ENS, 45 rue d'Ulm,75005. Salle Dussane).

-Session I (9:00--10:25): Mattia Petrolo (IP Fellow),
``Ideal proofs and logical constructivity: From intuitionistic to classical logic''
-Session II (10:30--11:55): Renaud Chorlay (IP Fellow),
``Ways out of the Grey''
-Session III (13:15--14:40): Paola Cantu (IP Fellow),
``Ideal numbers and magnitudes: a matter of degree?''
-Session IV (14:45--16:10): Andrei Rodin (IP Fellow),
``How Mathematical Concepts Get Their Bodies: The example of Forcing''
-Session V (16:15--17:45): Agustin Rayo (IP visitor),
``Towards a Trivialist Account of Mathematics'' *

Monday, January 05, 2009

Agustin Rayo (updated)

Agustin Rayo is going to give a series of lectures at the ENS : "On Possibility and Content".
Dates and venue :
- mercredi 7, 10h à 12h, salle de réunion IJN-LSCP (au 29 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris)
-mardi 13, 10h à 12h, salle Weil (au programme: 'Broad Content')
-mercredi 21, 10h à 12h, salle de réunion IJN/LSCP, 29, rue d'Ulm.
-mardi 27, 10h à 12h, salle Weil

The seminar will be on possibility and content. I will argue that these two notions are closely related, and cannot be understood independently of one another. The core idea can be stated simply: to describe a sentence's truth-conditions is to explain how the world must be in order for the truth-conditions to be satisfied. But it has far reaching consequences. I will argue that it can help address puzzles in modal epistemology, ontology and vagueness.
The seminar will draw on material from a book manuscript I am working
on, which is based on the following papers:
A account of possibility
A actualist's Guide to quantifying in
On specifying truth-conditions
Vague Representation
For a more user-friendly introduction to some of the main themes of
the seminar, I recommend:
Succes by default ?

Paul McCallion

Le 12 janvier 2009, le séminaire Philmath accueillera Paul McCallion (Philosophie, Université de St Andrews): "The Ontology of Formalism". IHPST, Grande Salle, 17h30-19h30.


Sunday, January 04, 2009


Je signale la naissance de la Revue Etudiante de Philosophie Analytique, une revue francophone de philosophie avec comité de lecture. Le site de la revue, est déjà en place à l'adresse suivante : La revue encourage les contributions d'étudiants. Premier numéro prévu vers mars 2009.
L'appel à contribution est ici.