Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Extrait du Philosophical Lexicon de D.Dennett : kripkography, n. The opposite of cryptography: the art of translating a meaningless message (about, e.g., de re necessity) into expressions that an uninitiated observer would take to be straightforwardly meaningful (e.g., "Look, it's not so hard. All he's saying is that since the term is a rigid designator, it refers to the same thing in all possible worlds"). "He used to claim he just 'couldn't understand' essentialism, but now, thanks to kripkography, he just sits there nodding and smiling."- hempel, adj. (only in the idiom hempel-minded) Said of one who insists on recasting the problem in the first order logic. - dummett, v. Contraction of "thumb through it"; as in "I'm afraid the only index this book has is almost the same as the table of contents, so you'll just have to dummett."- hilary, n. (from hilary term) A very brief but significant period in the intellectual career of a distinguished philosopher. "Oh, that's what I thought three or four hilaries ago."etc.
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