Sunday, October 09, 2005

Colloquium on CARNAP and the Logical Syntax of Language

 Organisé par Pierre Wagner, s'est achevé aujourd'hui à l'IHPST. Programme des deux journées : Andre Carus (Chicago): Carnap’s Dream: Wittgenstein’s Prison. ⁄ Steve Awodey (Carnegie Mellon): Carnap’s Dream: the Boundless Ocean.⁄ Fabrice Pataut (CNRS, IHPST): Carnap, Quine and Analyticity. ⁄ Thomas Uebel (Manchester): Logical Syntax of Language in the Context of the Vienna Circle. ⁄ Richard Creath (Arizona State): Carnap’s Philosophical Project at the Time of the Logical Syntax of Language. ⁄ Pierre Wagner (Université Paris 1, IHPST): Carnap’s Critique of Philosophy.⁄ Jacques Bouveresse (Collège de France, IHPST): Logical Syntax, Quasi-syntax and Philosophy.⁄ Jacques Dubucs (CNRS, IHPST): Mathematics as Syntax of Language: Gödel’s Critique of Carnap. ⁄ Thomas Ricketts (Northwestern): The Framework for Tolerance. ⁄ Michael Friedman (Stanford): Tolerance, Intuition, and Empiricism ⁄ Philippe de Rouilhan (CNRS, IHPST): Carnap and Tarski on Logical Consequence. ⁄ Denis bonnay (IHPST) :Carnap’s Definition of Logical Constants ⁄ Warren Goldfarb (Harvard):Logical Syntax and the Philosophy of Mathematics.