Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deflationary conceptions of truth on the web

The following authors have papers related to this topic on the web :
Nic Damnjanovic
Hartry Field (recent articles on truth and paradoxes)
Douglas Patterson (deflationism, meaning and truth-conditions, convention-T ...)
Michael Glanzberg (deflationism and paradoxes)
Scott Soames ("Understanding deflationism")
Christopher Gauker (semantics for deflationists...)
Richard Heck ("Truth and Disquotation")
Panu Raatikainen (various critics mostly grounded on logical features of deflationist's theories)
Jeffrey Ketland (the "reflection" or "conservativity" argument against deflationism)
Neil Tennant (Deflationism and Gödel phenomena...)
G. Sandu et T.Hyttinen ("Deflationism and truth")
Peter Milne (un article sur la vérité chez Tarski)
Greg Restall ("Minimalists about Truth can (and should) be Epistemicists, and it helps if they are revision theorists too")
JC Beall (Truth and paradox : a philosophical sketch)
Kevin Sharp ("fragmentary theories of truth", paradoxes and revenge problems...)

Added june 2006 :
Huw Price (for exemple : Three norms of assertibility, or how the MOA became extinct)
Gila Sher ("In search of a substantive theory of truth", and some papers on Tarski's theory)
There is also a discussion paper by A. Virdi on the discussion papers page et the LSE.

Added october 2006 :
Deflationism: A Use-Theoretic Analysis of the Truth-Predicate, by Arvid Båve, Stockholm University
Abstract and fulltext download at : Publications from Stockholm University