Friday, October 19, 2007

V. Hendricks

Philform reçoit Vincent Hendricks (Roskilde University, Denmark) le lundi 22 octobre de 14h à 16h dans la grande salle de l'IHPST.

Limiting Skepticism

Abstract/ Modal operator epistemology is a formal epistemological paradigm obtained by mixng modal, tense and epistemic logic with rudimentary elements from formal learning theory. The paradigm was developed in The Convergence of Scientific Knowledge (Springer: 2001) and used there and elsewhere to study the validity of limiting convergent knowledge(Mainstream and Formal Epistemology (Cambridge UniversityPress, 2006)).Studying knowledge is also studying skepticism. Skepticism is usually considered to being a short-run strategy. Using modal operator epistemology this paper scrutinizes what happens to skepticism in the long run: Can skepticism outstrip knowledge in the limit?