Thursday, February 12, 2009

IP Seminar

The 3rd Ideal of Proof Seminar will be held on Friday, February 27th at 9h30 in salle 417B of the Halle aux Farines building on the Grands Moulins campus of Paris-Diderot.

Session I: 9h30--11h00
Sebastien Maronne: "Ideal elements and projective geometry in early modern mathematics"
Session II: 11h15--12h45
Oliver Schlaudt: "Abstraction and Ideation. A constructivist approach to the nature of
mathematical concepts"
Session III (Focus Session): 14h00--15h30
Paul McCallion: "Ideal numbers vs ideal numerical properties"
Session IV (Focus Session): 15h45--17h15
John Mumma: "Contentful reasoning and rigor in elementary geometry"