Thursday, November 24, 2005

Live-blogging autour d'un workshop de philosophie de l'esprit sur le thème Révélation et humilité : "Chalmers introduced a division (exclusive but not exhaustive) of concepts into revelatory and humbling. Intuitively, revelatory concepts give you direct access to the intrinsic nature of the property they pick out, whereas humbling concepts do not. You could in principle have concepts of both kinds picking out the same property. Thus, someone (not Chalmers) might say that the concept of water is a humbling concept that picks out the same property that the revelatory concept of HOH picks out. The more rigorous analysis of these terms offered by Chalmers is this: a concept is revelatory just in case it picks out the same property in all possible world considered as actual; it is humbling if it doesn’t." Voir le les détails du workshop sur Desert Landscapes (The unofficial group blog of the University of Arizona philosophy department).(infos via le blog de D. Chalmers).