Thursday, February 15, 2007

Best philosophy blog titles

A tentative short list. Nice quips, glamour and philosophy.(and occasional comments).
Certain DoubtsThink TonkJohn & Belle have a BlogLong Words Bother MeFragments of Consciousness (the fate of diaries) ⁄ Mixing Memory (total recall) ⁄ Plurality of wordsConsequently.orgNothing of Consequence (Restall duality) ⁄ What Is It Like to be a BlogThis is Not the Name of This Blog (a false title) ⁄ This is the Name of This Blog (and all is said...) ⁄ Bloggin the Question (the burden of the blog) ⁄ Desert Landscapes(Arizona dream) ⁄ Obscure and Confused Ideas (philosoher's diagnosis then and now) ⁄ Undetached Rabbit PartsLogBlog (efficient) ⁄ AlphaPsyLogic MattersThat logic blog