Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Logica Universalis

The first issue of Logica Universalis is online with free access (at least at the time I'm writing this)

From the preface by J.Y. Béziau :
"Universal logic corresponds to the spirit of this new period. It is an attempt to study and develop some fundamental concepts and tools to navigate within the jungle of all existing logics, build new ones and to have a better understanding of what logic is."[...]
"In this journal will be published papers not dealing with a particular system of logic, but studying general concepts, tools, and techniques for the study of logics, such as consequence operators, sequent systems, logical matrices, tableaux, Kripke structures, institutions. Papers dealing with the study of classes of logics are also welcome as well as those examining the scope of validity and domain of application of fundamental theorems such as cut-elimination, compactness, completeness. We encourage furthermore some philosophical and historical papers dealing with the comparative study of logic in different cultures, the very nature of logic and its basic concepts such as truth, proof, definition, identity, negation, implication,modality, quantification."